Welcome to Our Winery

When you raise a glass of Angel Estate fruit wine you taste the warm rays of the sun, pure rainwater and fresh air of our estate vineyard on Canada’s West Coast.

Ours is the perfect natural environment to grow healthy and delicious fruit. We follow a meticulous winemaking process and our small-batch production ensures premium quality wines.

Angel Estate’s award winning wines bring a new taste experience to the table. Fruit wine is every bit as flavourful and complex as grape wine, and the numerous types of fruit used allows a far greater range of choice. This means you have more scope to match Angel Estate wines to the food being served – especially when different types of meat and fish dishes are served over the course of a meal as in most cuisines. We have wines to match every event and celebration!

And if you are in the area, visit the Angel Estate Winery farm store to see our growing environment and taste the bounty of this beautiful, unspoiled part of the word.